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Dec 16, 2012 7:30am PST
. >>> gun owners turned in their weapons in exchange for cash in san francisco and oakland this weekend. the turnout for this gun buyback was unprecedented. people started lining up four hours before it began. the line stretched for blocks in east oakland. everyone was there to exchange their firearms. the deal was you get $200 cash for each working gun you turned in. for a lot of people, connecticut was very much on their minds. >> i think it just puts the whole gun violence in a different perspective. and basically makes everything real. >> getting some guns off the streets, grandkids or kids can't get these guns and kill somebody. >> just as cars were lining up for the buyback, ironically, gunfire hit four people a few blocks away at international and 85th at 7:30 yesterday morning. >>> there was also a long line in san francisco yesterday for a gun buyback. police worked with community groups to get the word out about their program. and so many people responded in san francisco that they ran out of money and had to give people iou's. >> the recent events have really spurred somethin
Dec 23, 2012 7:30am PST
francisco police chief breaks are about gun control. >> we have a representative from the oakland buyback. we will find out what kind of impact events like that path. we are also talking a little later about tvs that watch you. >> the whole issue of privacy. first, let's get to the news that affects everybody in the bay area. heavy rain, wind, and thunderstorms. rain keeps on falling. it's not over. a roof collapse at a san francisco gas station after a tree toppled over onto the overhang causing that collapse. luckily, nobody was hurt. we turn now to elizabeth lingered telling him that the weather desk this morning with what we can expect. it's really coming down. >> it really is. all that yellow and green. pretty much rain falling across the bay area. anywhere from one to 2 inches by the time the storm lets up. we will zoom in for the north bay. that is where the storm is falling hardest. you see that big band of yellow over portions of 101. falling pretty hard in pendulum as well. checking the east bay. we are seeing heavier pockets looks like over livermore, hayward, and the south bay
Dec 30, 2012 7:30am PST
between the suspects. three major cities with two days to go oakland is at 130 homicides for the year. 26% increase from 2011. san francisco 67 homicides so far. 1/3 increase over last night. san jose is 45, still low for a city of almost a million people. >>> police are looking for a suspect in an especially brutal robbery in san francisco. the victim was not injured and the thugs only made off with a few dollars. the crime took a nasty turn. >> i heard them say i'm going to kill your dog. >> pekingese, 12 years old, sweetest thing ever. >> she asked not to be named so we won't show her face. this woman was robbed yesterday not only of money but her best friend roxy who she loved most on this everett. -- on this ert. >> she -- earth. >> she lost her phone so he parked her car when a man approached her >> he said give me all your money. >> roxy started barking. >> he said i'm going to kill your dog. >> after a struggle he made good on his promise. >> he grabbed roxy from her collar. i see her fly towards traffic. he threw her into incoming traffic. >> roxy was rushed to er but it was too
Dec 9, 2012 7:30am PST
. >>> funeral services are being held this weekend for two teenage girls shot to death in east oakland. 15-year-old raquel gerstel and 16-year-old bobby sartain were best friends. they were shot two weeks ago near brooke dale park. police have not made any arrests. services for raquel happen today at 11:00 this morning at cooper's mortuary on fruitvale avenue. >>> the man accused of killing sierra lamar will be arraign order new charges tomorrow. antolin garcia-torres has now been accused of three other attempted kidnappings. the 21-year-old was charged last month in connection to those assaults. the incidents took place back in 2009, all in safeway parking lots. garcia-torres was employed at the safeway in morgan hill. >>> in a brash home invasion in san francisco's richmond district, three men with a gun chased a woman into her home near the intersection of 31st avenue and clemente street last night. a neighbor tells us when the woman's father got to the house, she screamed, don't come in! but it was too late. robbers got away with a wallet, diamond earrings, watch and gold chain, bu
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4